Counselling e-Motion

Relationship  Counselling for Couples

By the time people enquire about relationship counselling for couples, the crisis is very real. Stress is high, anxiety is high and the concern is real. Sometimes the decision to engage in couples therapy is a combined one, sometimes a partner just comes along as they were not even aware of a problem! If we all knew how to connect on a deeper level, really listen to our partners and, can communicate our needs then relationship counselling would not be necessary. Perhaps in a perfect world, this is possible.

The Hollywood Love Story

Imagine having a relationship as perfect as depicted in a Hollywood love story. As humans, we compare what we have to a perception of a version of reality. If you are not happy in your current relationship, you could compare your relationship to that of strangers or friends who appear to have it all sorted out. It is easy to do so, and we do it all the time. Perhaps, we only see what others allow us to see.

Being in a relationship is a journey that we can compare to the ebb and flow of the ocean. Sometimes the ocean spoils us with its beauty found in a low tide, sometimes it terrifies us with its ability to be destructive. Mostly, we experience the ocean as something of joy and beauty. When we go swimming in the ocean, we dare to venture as far as we trust our swimming ability or the person with us to support us.

Where Relationships Develop

We grow up learning about relationships as it has been modelled in our family of origin. This is where we learn about safety and trust. Parents strive to do the best they can with the tools they have. But sometimes things go wrong growing up, and we carry those experiences into adulthood where it could translate into difficulties around trust, communication, and empathy. 

Our Role

At Counselling e-Motion we provide relationship counselling where we help couples to connect again, to feel listened to, to communicate again, and ultimately rebuild trust in the relationship.

Our work is founded on developmental theory, psychodynamic theory, and attachment theory. For our clients, it means that we get to the origin of the problem quicker, help clients to build insight into their difficulties, and create new solutions to old problems.

If you are in need of support, please contact us.