Counselling e-Motion

Online Counselling

There are various benefits to online therapy. The most significant being is the fact that you can speak to us from wherever you are. For parents of young children, this is a huge benefit as it is not always possible to get someone to look after the children. Also, in our experience, some people find it difficult to attend appointments at a physical location due to other commitments.

As Counselling e-Motion is not geographically bound it also means that we can reach people from metropolitan areas to smaller towns or even remote areas.  Our online service has the advantage of providing people with a greater choice of counselling services.

For many people who are still facing the uncertainty of a world struggling with COVID-19, our service is a valuable source of support.

Commonly asked questions.

What is online counselling?

Online counselling is the delivery of counselling services through the internet and is typically offered via video conferencing or real-time chat applications.

What platforms do we use to engage with our clients?

We use Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. We prefer Zoom as we found it a good balance between ease of use and privacy. Where video calling is not available, we provide telephone calls as an alternative medium.

How secure is online counselling?

The applications we use are secure and we follow best practices where possible as set out by the vendors.

What if I prefer the telephone?

This can easily be arranged. 

Can I record my session?

Due to privacy, this is not permitted.