Eben de Jager

About Us

Eben de Jager is a registered counsellor with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) who provides a confidential service to clients and has extensive experience in the following areas: addiction, counselling for individuals and couples, young adults, mental health issues, relational trauma, employee assistance, workplace issues, and critical incidents.

Eben de Jager founded Counselling e-Motion to provide online counselling service to people across Australia using information technology as a primary platform. Having worked in the Information and Communications Technology field where he developed and integrated Information Systems he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Counselling followed by a Master’s degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

Eben worked in a medically integrated service where he supported clients and their families affected by substance abuse and he also held a leadership position in this service. He also worked at a nationwide organisation specialising in relationships where he delivered counselling to individuals and couples affected by mental health issues, domestic violence, substance abuse, childhood trauma and other difficulties. Eben also provided support to organisations through the Employee Assistance program and supporting them through critical incidents.

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